Monday, September 22, 2014

Origins of a king

In 7th grade I had an incredible math teacher Mr Greenbean as some of us called him. He had long hair with a trimmed beard and was known to wear tie dyed shirts on occasion. He posted challenging questions on the wall in the hall which students could redeem prizes if they had the correct answers. I still remember some of them but what I remember most was how he encouraged what I will call cheating on tests. As with many things too good to be true there was a catch if you took a test while “cheating” the questions on the test became more difficult. The cheat was the ability to use all your notes from the week prior to take the test open book style but in addition to the normal questions on the test we had to answer 3 or more difficult questions at the end. This was a creative way of getting all of us to keep meticulous notes and interest in the subject grade levels beyond our years. King’s origin or at least my use of it comes from another clever way this teacher kept us interested and doing our homework. it was the use of nicknames in class and not just for him he would call us them too. Of course if our request was an inappropriate name he would only whisper it to us but it was still cool. After all Its not every day a kid gets to be called something like king in front of a class of his peers unless of course you had mr Greenbean. This teacher’s creative approach to teaching was exceptional and was instrumental in helping me in learning to think outside the box and push myself. To remind myself not to lose sight of it I kept the name

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kings Touch

i will not so periodically post pics of arts n crafts i do

i was working on a song in my studio and saw someone looking at me
the picture that started it all

first some lamp shades i made (if you look close one is cracked its the spiders web)

next a lion sculpture i painted

Cabinet I made

paintings on walls

i will add more check back soon

Monday, August 13, 2012