Monday, September 22, 2014

Origins of a king

In 7th grade I had an incredible math teacher Mr Greenbean as some of us called him. He had long hair with a trimmed beard and was known to wear tie dyed shirts on occasion. He posted challenging questions on the wall in the hall which students could redeem prizes if they had the correct answers. I still remember some of them but what I remember most was how he encouraged what I will call cheating on tests. As with many things too good to be true there was a catch if you took a test while “cheating” the questions on the test became more difficult. The cheat was the ability to use all your notes from the week prior to take the test open book style but in addition to the normal questions on the test we had to answer 3 or more difficult questions at the end. This was a creative way of getting all of us to keep meticulous notes and interest in the subject grade levels beyond our years. King’s origin or at least my use of it comes from another clever way this teacher kept us interested and doing our homework. it was the use of nicknames in class and not just for him he would call us them too. Of course if our request was an inappropriate name he would only whisper it to us but it was still cool. After all Its not every day a kid gets to be called something like king in front of a class of his peers unless of course you had mr Greenbean. This teacher’s creative approach to teaching was exceptional and was instrumental in helping me in learning to think outside the box and push myself. To remind myself not to lose sight of it I kept the name

The rest of my name is really derived from… well my birth name and the only significance it has in this instance is when added to king it makes it unique. In other words when you search lets say google for example im on the first page that’s about all for the origin of King k Damon but tune in next whenever when I explore what makes King k Damon a true digital king 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kings Touch

i will not so periodically post pics of arts n crafts i do

i was working on a song in my studio and saw someone looking at me
the picture that started it all

first some lamp shades i made (if you look close one is cracked its the spiders web)

next a lion sculpture i painted

Cabinet I made

paintings on walls

i will add more check back soon

Monday, October 7, 2013

Inside a figment of my imagination

Man Is  A Virus album art

Final update- I decided to scrap the idea of putting a label on what segment of the population is making “man a virus” and go with something a little broader but fits the song nicely. I’m going to get a little deeper here so if you are not really feeling that, enjoy the artwork above-n- below and stop reading here. Well working on this songs artwork I was forced to learn an inevitable but valuable lesson. What a song means to me could be very different than what it means to you. An innate part of being a creator is acknowledging or learning that what is created may be interpreted in multiple ways.  I have caught myself slapping a visual label (album artwork) on music that may not convey what was originally intended by the music. The whole process of making a song can take several weeks months and sometimes years to complete. The artwork on the other hand can be completed in a few hours or days at a maximum. So I run the risk of tarnishing a songs potential with the artwork which is completed far quicker and sometimes with different ideas bouncing around my think box. For example at the begging of making “Man is a Virus” I was thinking how destructive we have become to ourselves and also the detrimental impact we are having on our planet along with all the other species we share our home with. This encompasses a far greater deal then I wish to discuss here but given the situation we all find ourselves in today I’m sure many can relate. As for the artwork it was far more localized to the time it was created so first it was the bieber fans filling up my twitter feed and months later the GOP started or should I say maintained their disgraceful antics and became way more fitting a match for the virus that I speak of. Honestly I was going to take it further and include the koch brothers and a few talking heads but my better judgment made me realize that was putting a very narrow range on the meaning the song could have for some people and despite my anger at the greed corruption in and the senseless mockery being made of our government. I made a creative choice to exclude them for the greater good of my music hope you enjoy the artwork and music for “Man Is a Virus”

till next time - KkD

Update- given the GOP's recent actions I think some of their ugly mugs are far more deserving of the title of “Man Is a Virus” than Justin so i'm glad i delayed the release now 

This is the idea for the album art for my song "Man Is A Virus" its not finished yet and I would like your suggestions. so for starters yes that's slime giving Justin Bieber the finger while a two headed E.T. eagerly awaits to eat him and a white Mogwai "Gizmo" ,a red/black Alf, an octopus, M.I.B. baby aliens and a few others look at him with disapproval. this is all as the buff judge renders his verdict. I'm running out of space but if you would like me to add some one its still a work in progress. i'm thinking of adding money to his backpack and still have to enlarge/center man is a virus on his tee shirt. the song has nothing to do with justin but is more about what he represents (in the music industry at least) and considering his beliebers are constantly in my twitter feed i though it only right a depiction of him representing the visual idea for the song

i will post a demo of song "Man Is A Virus" here soon

Sunday, October 6, 2013

kit or miss

Donate to save a King

Money donated goes exclusively for equipment
i will do my best to keep this updated last time i edited this list was 9/23/2014

donations so far


  • krk 
  • korg trition studio
  • novation mkII
  • novation launchpad s
  • bass guitar 
  • acoustic guitar 
  • saxophone
  • marshall amp
  • old school jvc amp and tape decks
  • old school bradford solid state record player
  • shure 55sh
  • audio technica at4050
  • samson c01u
  • various bells 
  • various shakers
  • komplete 8
  • soundtoys all
  • lexicon reverbs
  • ssl eq and compressor
  • abbyroads eqs
  • waves 
  • synthmaster 2
  • alchemy
  • melda
  • izotope
  • flux

wish list 


  • access virus ti2
  • moog 
  • roland 
  • nord 
  • any vintage stuff juno 106 tr808 tr909 mpc

  • komplete 9
  • glue
  • rob papen
  • sylenth 1
  • ohmicide 
  • brainworx
  • omnisphere
  • DMGaudio
  • fabfilter

Monday, August 13, 2012